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Janey Robbins Biography Photo Janey Robbins Biography
Born: 5/21/1962
Aliases: Janey Black, Janie Robins, Janney Robbins

Place of Birth: Detroit
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Robin Lieberman, who used the stage name Janey Robbins, was a porn star in the 1980s. After a short stint as a nude model she starred from 1981 until 1985 in about 50 adult movies. Janey was described by Ron Jeremy as his favorite actress to work with. Janey was known for her frequent anal sex scenes at a time when they were still unusual, deep throat oral sex, and a fondness for working with other women.

Toward the end of her porn career Janey had her breasts augmented to approximately a D cup and had her nipples and labia pierced. She sometimes appeared in her movies with a chain connecting all three of her piercings. Janey also had her pubic hair completely shaved frequently, several years before the practice became either common or even standard grooming practice for most American porn actresses.

While at the time she was considered to be on the edge with her anal practices, piercings, tattoos and pubic shaving, such things would become common within a decade.

Porn Star Janey Robbins is one of the most aggressive women on the 80's hardcore scene, she made her name by being one of the most brazen, most take-charge ladies to ever hit a porno screen. She was a raven-haired vixen with a bombshell figure, a tall and top-heavy sex machine that she kept in tip-top shape. Janey Robbins' voluptuous figure was what may have gotten her noticed, but it was her full-throttle attitude that kept her so busy.

Janey Robbins got into porn in 1983 after a short stint as a nude model. She immediately turned heads with her ball busting sexual style. Janey Robbins' aggressive approach made her a fave with a certain segment of the audience, but not even non-fans could deny that hers was a presence unlike any other. Just check out the way she dominates William Margold in 1984's 'Dial F For Fantasy.' Janey Robbins has him acting out her every whim, crawling on the kitchen floor as he begs for mercy. For a less aggressive, more sensual side of Janey Robbins, her romp with Marc Wallice in 'Lust At The Top' is a sure-fire winner. Janey Robbins rarely landed starring roles, but when she did she shined. Her no-holds-barred attitude kept her name alive in the business well after she retired in 1986, and Janey Robbins continues to pop up in hardcore compilation vids from time to time. One look at this take-charge tantalizer in action and you'll understand why -- Janey Robbins is one sex star who you simply can't forget.

Some of Janey Admirers;
You were the first star that I saw in a porn, it was Swedish Erotica 48 with you and Ron Jeremy, you were so hot, I guess I could say that you got me addicted to sex and porn, which I am not ashamed of at all. I also liked you in Private Teacher, and anything else you have been in, YOU are one of the truly sexual goddesses of the age of porn. You gave me many a masturbation session, or I should say give me many a masturbation session.

Just wanted you to know that I've seen many porn flicks but the ones that I've seen with you in them go way beyond my wildest dreams. I know, I know, I'm just an idiot but when you said 'It's Time To See My Fantasies" then you showed your beautiful ass in those black see-thru panties, I just go crazy. Then, when you go into the other room and take all of Ron Jeremy, that's my fav. I just love you Janey and wish I had all of you movies. But if I could have one wish, it would be you doing that to me. Thanks for reading this and I hope you success in the future.

Tom A.

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